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 Cookies (Rollover pictures for a closer look):

Pudding Chocolate Chip - not your everyday chocolate chip cookies, the addition of pudding makes these extra soft and chewy.


Lemon White Chocolate Chip - Rich taste of lemon zest paired with delicious white chocolate chips.


Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese - A cream cheese layer in between 2 soft, cookie layers.  Frosted with buttercream and topped with sprinkles.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip - seasonal cookies made during the months of Sept-November, a perfect blend of pumpkin pie spices and chocolate chips.


Chocolate Mint Squares - chocolate “cake like” bars with a hint of mint, frosted with a mint Buttercream and drizzled with dark chocolate.


Pistachio - cookies made with a rich pistachio flavor, mixed with mini chocolate chips and a dollop of cream in the middle, drizzled with milk chocolate.

 Snickerdoodles -  a rich cinnamon-sugar cookie, with crisp edges and soft center, perfect for any occasion.

  Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies - your typical sugar cookie with an added touch.  Can be made to fit the holiday or special occasion. Frosted with Buttercream icing and sprinkles if desired.

  Shortbread - delicious, light taste of shortbread.  Cookies can be made to fit the holiday, or special occasion.  Partially dipped in chocolate to give them an added touch of sweetness.
   Cookies 'n Cream - a mixture of chocolate sandwich cookies and cream cheese, dipped in rich white chocolate.  Topped with crumbled chocolate cookies.
   Peanut Butter - Creamy peanut butter balls, dipped in milk chocolate.
   Raspberry Almond - a vanilla sandwich cookie mixed with cream cheese and raspberry flavor, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with slivered almonds.

   Dark Chocolate Mint - a very rich chocolate filled truffle with a hint of mint  and rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

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